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Here is what many of our customers want to know...

We will add more popular questions to this page as we receive them. 

Are your coneys like the ones I grew up eating?

While there may be some similarities, we are not like any other coney shops in the USA.  The reason is, we are not trying to be like any other coney shops.  We are who we are.  Our brand of coney and chili was created in 1926, and has stood the test of time.  So, when you come in to our shop, don't come in with the expectation that we are going to taste like the coneys you grew up on.  I've never had a coney I didn't like, they just had wonderfully different qualities and flavors.

What toppings come on your coney?

A coney from Coney Island Hot Weiners is topped with mustard, chili and onions.  That is a real coney.  Many coney lovers over the years have grown to enjoy our shredded cheddar cheese added to their coneys.  These are the only toppings we will put on our coneys.  However, we offer side item toppings of ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet relish and sauerkraut to anyone looking for an alternative to a true coney.

What is a 3-Way Chili?

Quickly becoming a Coney Island Hot Weiners favorite, the 3-Way Chili is a delicious food combination of spaghetti noodles, topped with our Famous Hot Chili (with or without beans), our mild cheddar cheese and our zesty onions.  Served with saltines.  To add a little Texas heat, we offer sliced jalapenos and/or cayenne pepper as a condiment.

What is the difference between a Regular Coney and a Cheese Coney?

It's the cheese!!  That delicious, finely shredded cheddar cheese is the only difference.  A Regular Coney comes topped with mustard, chili and onions (or any combination of these toppings).  A Cheese coney is the same, except that it has cheese as one of the toppings. 

What is the difference between a Baked Potato and a Gourmet Baked Potato?

It's the chili!!  A Gourmet Baked Potato is topped with butter, chili, cheese, onion and sour cream (or any combination of these).  A Baked Potato has the same toppings, minus the chili.

What is a Frito Burrito?

A Frito Burrito is a Texas twist on an old childhood favorite, the Frito Pie.  The Frito Burrito is simply a Frito Pie wrapped in a soft, warm flour tortilla.  Each tortilla is topped with Fritos, chili, cheese and onions.  Jalapenos give the new favorite a spicy kick!

What kind of tamales do you have?

A very important question for anyone growing up in Texas!  Our tamales are all beef tamales, made in Texas.  We top them with our Famous Hot Chili, shredded cheese and onions.  We will add jalapeno, Louisiana Hot Sauce and/or cayenne pepper for some added heat and flavor.  We will sell them in quantities of 1, 3, 6, or 12.  Get your holiday orders in early!