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Coney Island Hot Weiners in Schertz, TX, is locally owned and operated by Doug and Lorene Eldridge. Both Doug and Lorene moved to San Antonio in March 1994 when Doug’s job transferred them from Tulsa, OK. Tulsa is where Doug grew up, and had his first coney experience with his dad, Roger, in 1964. They would sneak by the Coney Island Hot Weiners in downtown Tulsa whenever they had an opportunity. Usually, this opportunity was when they were downtown from one of Doug’s ice hockey games or when they would be there for the local professional hockey games. They had season tickets, which meant they ate at Coney Island quite often.

Doug’s favorite order was four cheese coneys "all-the-way” (mustard, chili, cheese and onions with cayenne pepper), a bag of Fritos, and a Pepsi fountain drink. Doug’s dad always had four regular coneys (mustard, chili, and onions) and a Pepsi. When the entire family would go out for coneys, Doug remembers his dad would “buy ‘em by the sack." After Doug, Lorene, and their children, Douglas and Adina, relocated to San Antonio, they would go back to Oklahoma every chance they could and always made a beeline straight to Coney Island Hot Weiners.

While Doug was growing up, his dad often spoke of wanting to own a Coney Island Hot Weiners franchise, but they were a family-owned establishment since 1926 and had never offered any franchises. Doug had always hoped his dad would be able to open a franchise location. Sadly, Doug’s dad passed away on Christmas Day in 2012. Now, whenever Doug enjoys some coneys, he makes sure to get his cheese coneys, plus one extra regular coney, in honor of his dad.

So how did Doug and Lorene become franchise owners? On the eve of Thanksgiving 2017, Doug received word from one of his old ice hockey teammates that Coney Island Hot Weiners was now offering franchises. Remembering his dad had always wanted to own a franchise, Doug talked with Lorene, and they both agreed that this would be a good business to open.

In January 2018, Doug and Lorene were the first to sign on to become Coney Island Hot Weiners franchisees. After much planning and searching for the right location, they came across their current location in Schertz, TX, at the intersection of 3009 and FM 78. They finally opened the first Coney Island Hot Weiners in South Texas on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019. And the rest, as they say, is history.